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Resin Artwork

Adam Berson is a Vancouver, BC-based resin artist who runs a busy woodworking business specializing in hospitality and restaurant interiors and custom wood products like cutting boards, custom flight paddles and tap handles for the craft beer industry.

Resin art and its magical, wild and unpredictable results are a cornerstone of Adam’s artistic expression. For a craftsman whose day-to-day work requires precise attention to detail, epoxy art allows freedom, play and serendipity.

His works evoke glorious sunsets, seaweed waving in the tide, beaches from above and bird’s eye views of mountains, trees and rivers; he takes inspiration from the rugged beauty of British Columbia. Works are literal interpretations of specific places or dream-like evocations of imagined locales.

Subconscious, intuitive creativity is reflected in each piece; Berson’s art has a meditative, flow-like quality that captures a feeling of calm and serenity. His art serves as a reminder of the fleetingness of time and moments quickly passing, like a breeze dancing on the surface of a lake or the flow of a creek over smooth stones.

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